Determining your shoe size sports shoes

in mm

Size Description:

The size of the shoes, also known as the shoe size, is commonly found in the following standard: medium code, US code The medium code standard uses millimeters, which measures the length of the foot length. Such as: 245mm foot length, the corresponding page display code is 39.5, is the US code 


1. The measurement unit of the above data is in millimeters; 

2. Put the foot on the white paper and use the pen to point out the longest point before and after. The distance between the two points is correct. 

3. There is a small gap between the left and right. Big data shall prevail; 

4. If the instep is high and the type is wide, it is recommended to choose a size that is too large. For example, the flatness of the instep and the fineness of the group are recommended. Choose a size that is too small: 

5. The measured size should be roughly the same as the usual size. The same, if there is a large difference, the measurement method is incorrect or the data is not accurate enough;

The correct posture that must be taken when measuring

1. Stand with your feet parallel (2. Weight is on your feet

Foot length.

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